So who are we and where did we come from? Well here is our story.

It was a dark night in Rochester New York and all Johnny wanted was a band and fans to love his music. Finding no one he refused to give up, that was until the storm took his life.

He would not let death stop him so he made a deal with what people may call the Devil. Yet having no soul to sell he chose to collect his own through music.

Becoming the lead Reapr he needed others so he went on the hunt. He turned Dylan "Jagger" Backman first. (Lead Guitar) . Second came Ben "Blade" Deacon. (Rhythm Guitar). Last he turned Brad Roushey. (Drums). With Johnny Reapr on Lead Vocals and Bass and 3 other Reaprs he had all he needed to collect souls through his music.

So when you hear the Music playing you better pray that you are not the next soul to be captivated through the music and destined to follow the Reapr for all time.

WHO'S NEXT!!!!!!!